Ayurvedic Massage Oils 

Massaging the body with ayurvedic massage oils helps to stimulate the internal functions of the body while providing nourishment to different body tissues.  Oils also offers lubrication to skin and tissue. Working at both physical and mental levels, ayurvedic massage oils excite enzymes and increases both the assimilation of food as well as the vital body fluids. An ayurvedic massage is also useful for treating various illness and fatigue pertaining to skin, muscles, nerves and even hair.

Originally formulated by knowledgeable vaidyas, ayurvedic massage oils are presently prepared by expert researchers in collaboration with vaidyas in a completely hygienic environment using natural herbs.


Different types of ayurvedic massage oils


Ayurvedic-Massage-OilThere are various types of ayurvedic massage oils that render a healing touch to the body and cure it of many diseases. Based on the different doshas a person belongs to, various ayurvedic massage oils have varying effects on individuals. Knowing the elements that suits an individual, is thus essential for effective medication. While a person with a mix of air and space may derive benefit from Vatha oil massage with warming oils, another with a combination of fire and water might gain from a Pitta oil massage with cooling oils. A dry Kapha oil or warm mustard oil massage suit those who have water with some parts of Earth as their elements.


Oil Classes and Benefits 


Vata Massage Oil - This oil improves the skin and circulation while detoxifying the body.   Learn more about Vata Massage oil.  


Pitta Massage Oil - AThis oil eliminates heat from the body and is ideal for dealing with certain skin ailments.  Learn more about Pitta massage oil.   


Kapha Massage Oil - This oil warms the body as it removes retained water and heals wounds.  Learn more about Kapha Massage oil.


Organic Sesame Oil - Excellent base oil or a stand alone massage oil suitable for all.  Excellent results with hair, and inflamation.  Learn more about Sesame Oil


Organic Almond Oil - This oil offers smoother and younger looking skin.  Learn more about Almond Oil


Brahmi and Bhringaraj Oil are excellent when dealing with hair loss and scalp problems.  Learn more.



Choosing the right oil


When going for an ayurvedic massage, oil must be chosen on the basis of the season and personal constitution of the individual for smooth blood circulation undertaking the massage. While coconut and sunflower oil go with the hot climate, olive oil is good during winters.


Some important massaging tips


Massage effect may vary depending on the time of the day. While a day massage provides relaxation and refreshment, an evening massage has a tranquillizing effect. However, it is important to follow the natural contour and body flow to ensure greater effect from an ayurvedic massage. Avoid pressure on bones and rub the oil till it penetrates the muscles.


While hot oil is good during winter months, it is opposite for the summer months.


The actual massage technique involves massaging oil at different marma points in a clockwise circular manner and in the other body parts against the hair growth for directing the lymph towards the heart. It is better to start from either the head or the feet and proceed to the other parts in a sequential order.


It is better to undertake a massage session in an empty stomach and relax during the massage to ease off worries. Massage should better be avoided during aggravated body conditions in times of fever, cough or after vomiting and purgation.


Having known much about ayurvedic massage oils, now all you need to do is undergo a relaxing massage from a professional masseur.