Activities preceding and following an ayurvedic massage treatment 

It is always better to avoid any strenuous work after an ayurvedic massage. Instead you should relax and refrain from large meals and alcohol when going through the treatment period.


Never hide anything regarding your health problems from the therapist in order to assist him or her to individualize the massage to your body's requirement.


Pregnant women are not safe for all types of oil massages, so make sure to let the therapist know if you are expecting.


Each massage differs from another since massages are given according to personal requirements of skin type, diseases or doshas. Utterances of dosha mantras by therapists help maintain the balance of body, mind and spirit.


Since this massage involves oil it is better to wear dispensable clothes.


While a leisurely shower helps wash off excess herbal oils after a massage, sipping cold water re-hydrates the body to make one feel composed and balanced for the rest of the day.


Regular use of Ayurvedic treatments including ayurvedic massage helps detoxify and revitalize the body and hence proves to be a revolutionary concept suitable to everyone’s budget.