Ayurvedic Massage Oil Functions


Vata Massage Oil - This herbal oil restores vitality to the Vata skin while eliminating toxins and improving circulation. Consisting of an effective blend of herbs like ashwagandha, bala, passionflower etc in an organic sesame or olive oil base, it warms, lubricates and restores strength and calmness to the skin. 


Pitta Massage Oil - Another formulation of herbs like brahmi, manjista and guduchi in an organic base of sesame and sunflower oil this soothing oil purifies, moistens and sedates a Pitta skin that is sensitive to environmental hazards. It eliminates heat and purges blood thereby easing tension. 


Kapha Massage Oil -  It stimulates, warm and invigorates the Kapha system by removing retained water and toning the muscles while healing wounds. It consists of nirgundi, karavira and neem leef extracts.


Organic Sesame Oil - Enriched with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids Sesame Oil works on all types of doshas. It removes muscle swellings, strengthening the texture of skin and prevents premature aging. It is also good for hair. 


Organic Almond Oil - Derived from the kernal of almond plant it is oil with great moisturizing properties. Suitable for all skin types it serves as an emollient, skin soother and softener. It conditions the skin and gives it a younger feel. 


Brahmi and Bhringaraj Oil are good for hair and scalp related problems. These act as hair rejuvenators and facilitate positive functioning of memory.


Apart from these, Aswagandhaadi oil is good for muscle atrophy, Mahaamarichyaadi oil controls itching and Mahaanarayana oil is helpful for muscle pains and arthritis.